Cancel Culture and Critical Race Theory: The Bigger Picture

Cancel culture and critical race theory—two increasingly popular concepts that intend to rid society of bigotry. But what sort of impact have they had on culture? Will they accomplish the explicit goals set by their proponents? What does the proliferation of these ideas imply for future generations? Cancel Culture Cancel culture involves the act ofContinue reading “Cancel Culture and Critical Race Theory: The Bigger Picture”

Why I Started a Website (And Why You Should Too)

Posting content on today’s internet works differently than it used to in the late 2000s. Emerging companies like YouTube and Facebook helped facilitate an exponentially growing marketplace of ideas—free expression and open dialogue weren’t suppressed; they were championed. The virtual world is now radically different. Big Tech has placed stringent guidelines on constitutionally protected speech.Continue reading “Why I Started a Website (And Why You Should Too)”