The 2024 Lineup: Trump, RFK Jr., Vivek VS the Deep State? w/ Garon Jones of Into the Agora — Civil Offense #12 Civil Offense

With 2024 presidential candidates Donald Trump, RFK Jr., and Vivek Ramaswamy speaking out against federal agencies like the FBI, CIA, and IRS, Ahmed Mlih and Garon Jones take a look at what's really behind this political agenda. Also discussed in this episode: Trump calling CNN presenter a "nasty person" during a recent town hall, Dave Smith's potential candidacy, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe's competing governments and natural aristocracy theories. Subscribe to Garon's Channel, Into the Agora: https://www.youtube.com/@intotheagora8825?sub_confirmation=1 Linktree: ⁠⁠https://linktr.ee/civiloffense⁠⁠ ——————————– More from Civil Offense Civil Offense on Rumble: ⁠⁠https://rumble.com/c/c-1820097⁠⁠ Civil Offense on Substack: ⁠⁠https://civiloffense.substack.com/⁠⁠ Civil Offense on Twitter: ⁠⁠https://twitter.com/civiloffense⁠⁠ ——————————– Ahmed Sign up for Ahmed's email list to get the latest updates: ⁠⁠http://eepurl.com/hrMpYz⁠⁠ Visit Ahmed's website: ⁠⁠https://ahmedmlih.com⁠⁠ Consider supporting Ahmed's work: ⁠⁠https://ahmedmlih.com/donate/⁠⁠ Ahmed on Twitter: ⁠⁠https://twitter.com/ahmlih — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/civiloffense/support
  1. The 2024 Lineup: Trump, RFK Jr., Vivek VS the Deep State? w/ Garon Jones of Into the Agora — Civil Offense #12
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  9. Is Democracy Pro-Liberty? Responding to Jonathan Casey — Civil Offense #4
  10. Is National Divorce a Pro-Liberty Solution? Responding to Jonathan Casey — Civil Offense #3

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